Innovative technologies

Innovative Technologies in Instruction

Integrated operating room (see presentation)

Integrated operational room’s capabilities

The system allows to conduct the learning process online - directly from the operating room and to create educational films, videos, presentations and programs based on the surgical interventions.

3D anatomical atlas

 The Department of Anatomy developed an atlas “Topographic anatomy of the head and methods of surgical intervention in osteoplastic craniotomy in the 3D model”. The access to the individual modules allows us to study specific areas of the body, occupational functioning, or medical conditions, and sets of modules completely cover the whole body.


Telemedicine provides quality education to undergraduate and postgraduate students, rapid exchange of medical information in health care system, widespread development of medical prevention, examination of newborns and population and also provide a high-tech consultative and diagnostic medical care regardless of the location of the patient. Telemedicine gradually evolved from technology to solve some problems into the method claimed in practical medicine for mass use. The following concepts are closely connected with the telemedicine, e.g., such as “computer and multimedia equipment”, ‘software”, ‘network’, ‘internet”, ‘teleconsultation” and  “distance learning”.

Laboratory for Polymeric Embalming

The Laboratory is an educational and innovative structural division of the Department of Normal  and Pathological Anatomy, Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy and also Department of Forensic Medicine at Medical Institute of NEFU after M.K. Ammosov.