General information about studying process 

The study schedule, results of control weeks and rating system, normative documents are published on the website

Modern software, the Internet, distance training in the Moodle system (79 Electronic educational resources) are used. In 2008 the industrial practice telemedicine center was the Medical institute

Semester attestation includes the following types of control: primary, current, final, approved by the working curriculum. Practical training of students is carried out at the clinical bases of the republican hospital № 1-the National Center of Medicine, Republican Hospital № 2-the Center of Emergency Medical Care, Republican Hospital № 3, the Yakutsk City Clinical Hospital, policlinics of Yakutsk, the Simulation center of Medical Institute Clinic of the North-Eastern Federal University.

Innovative and interactive methods of study of students in the form of complex lectures, clinical business games, video movies on materials of the Russian conferences, computer programs, electronic textbooks, case methods, "brain storm", quizes, group discussions, imitation on simulators of pathological conditions of various diseases,  phantoms and simulators of practical skills and abilities at medical emergencies, atlases and electronic versions of practical training, studies with application of electronic reference books, in the telemedical center, video lectures, videoconferences, video consultations onlin are widely used.

Totally library has 35072 books for January 1, 2014. The library has  educational and methodical literature - 29616 books.

Over the past three years, the library fund replenished with new acquisitions of scientific literature in the amount of 12,214 copies. (Training - 6242 copies. and scientific - 5972 copies.).

Grows Fund documents on electronic media. On 01.01.2014 , the University is framed annual subscription to coronary heart disease "Consultant student » ( Coronary heart disease "Consultant student " installed on 10 computers reading room school library subscription NEFU , moreover, thanks to the network of Wi-Fi, access to full-text textbooks available for each student and teacher .

The library has 70 journals . General Fund is - 3713 copies.

Educational literature is acquired only basic stamp educational-methodical department and is recommended as compulsory subjects in the programs.

All educational and methodical literature presented last years edition ( 2009 - 2014 . ) That allows students to take courses in aspects of modern achievements of domestic and foreign authors .

In total seats 300, from them in a reading room of library of medical institute - 30, rooms for independent work of pupils at chairs and hostels — 120.

Access to electronic resources is provided through a local network of the University , in the reading room of the medical institute in an electronic database library.