Institute of Engineering & Technology




Institute of Engineering & Technology (former Technology Faculty) was founded at a time of foundation of Yakutsk State University in 1956.

The Institute's main objective is to create an enabling environment in order to provide quality training for engineers who are competitive on the Russian and international labor markets with a view to their further integration into the international engineering community.

A key advantage of IET is research and development programs on construction and livelihood in the North:

  • new and efficient construction materials and prefabricated structures;
  • temperature resistance and  energy efficiency of the structures in northern environment.
  • maintainability and safety of constructions and life-support systems of buildings and structures in Yakutia
  • architecture and urban planning
  • northern wood timber processing and wood construction technologies

development and land management of northern and arctic territories 

Educational programs of the IET in 2015-2016:

Bachelor Programs, full-time education:

1.       08.03.01 Construction, 7 specializations

2.       07.03.01 Architecture

3.       21.03.02 Land Regulation and Cadaster, Property Cadaster specialization

4.       35.03.02 Technology of Logging and Woodworking Industry, Woodworking Technology specialization


Bachelor Programs, distance education

1.       08.03.01 Construction, 2 specializations

2.       21.03.02 Land Regulation and Cadaster, Property Cadaster specialization (starts in 2016-2017).


After obtaining a bachelor's degree students may continue their education in Master's and postgraduate programs.


Master degree programs in Construction:

·         Design and construction of l buildings and structures under the conditions of the Far North

·         Construction materials and technologies in permafrost regions

·         Sustainable development of urban environment in the North

·         Energy conservation and energy efficiency in buildings (starts in 2016-2017)


Master degree program in Land Regulation and Cadaster:

·          Land management in northern and arctic regions (starts in 2016-2017)


Postgraduate Studies:

1.       08.06.01 Construction equipment and technologies, building materials and products.

2.       08.06.01 Construction equipment and technologies, structural engineering, buildings and structures.


The external evaluation of quality and content of education program

In 2013 the “Construction” education program of IET received international socio-professional accreditation


Academic mobility

Students of IET have opportunity to undertake internships in South Korea and China. Besides they are getting “North to North” yearly program grants for one semester study in various Universities of Finland, Norway, Sweden, USA and Iceland.


Cooperation with employers' organizations and educational institutions.

IET works closely with leading enterprises of Sakha (Yakutia) region, such as JSC “ALROSA”, JSC “DSK”, science divisions of SB RAS. Besides IET is also implementing collaboration agreements with State University of Land Regulation (Moscow), Moscow State Forest University, Ural State Forest Engineering University (Ekaterinburg), Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography, Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University, Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov,  Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Eengineering, Zvolen Technical University (Slovak Republic), Siberian State Technological University (Krasnoyarsk) and a number of  secondary institutions and schools of Sakha (Yakutia).

Fruitful cooperation between IET and Far Eastern Regional Educational and Methodological Center should also be noted.


Student competitions

Special attention is given to development of student’s research. Every year IET holds Science Week, Architectural Decade and Business Forum “Engineer”. Students of IET become the repeated winners of regional competitions, prize-winners in international Student Olympics, get a Potanin foundation scholarship.  In March 2016 IET took the first place in the second regional round of Graduate Thesis Competition in the field of Construction, held in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.



After graduation 100 % of IET students find employment in Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and other regions. 

Institute of Engineering & Technology intends to develop cooperation with Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Public Organizations and Association of Engineering Education of Russia. IET is currently planning to further develop and implement new master degree and postgraduate education programs, receive certification and accreditation under international education standards, expand supplementary professional education within the system of life-long education.  


At present Institute of Engineering & Technology, as one of the most dynamic divisions of the NEFU, carries out targeted work on training and retraining of high-skilled human resources.

Terenty A.Kornilov

Director, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone (fax): (4112) 36-05-04



Engineering Graphics

Vladimir P. Ignatyev

Head of the Department, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor

Phone (fax): (4112) 36-62-78


Applied Mechanics

ValeryA. Prokhorov

Head of the Department, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor


Construction Operations


Head of the Department, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor

Structural Engineering and Designing

Fedor F. Poselsky

Head of the Department, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor


Manufacture of construction materials, products and structures

Aleksey E. Mestnikov

Head of the Department, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor

Heat Supply and Ventilation

VictorN. Ivanov

Head of the Department, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor


Survey, Managementи Cadaster of Immovable Property

Ekaterina A. Archangelskaya


Architecture and Town Planning

AytalinaA. Starostina

Head of the Department, Associate Professor

Woodworking Technology and Wooden Constructions

Dmitry K. Chakhov

Head of the Department, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor