Mining Institute

Institute of Mining

Mining Institute dates back to 1956, when a Mining Department was opened as a part of YSU Faculty of Engineering. The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is the largest mining region in the northeastern Russia, there has been the training of Mining Engineers for 55 years at NEFU Faculty of Mining. The present and the future of the Republic is associated with the mining production and its refining. Our country is one of the main suppliers of diamonds, one of the largest miners of gold, mica, tin and coal. In the future, we expect to develop the new diamond deposits, the richest iron and apatite ores, construction and facing materials, and other minerals. It provides a stable demand for mining engineers.

Nikolay P. Ovchinnikov, Director, PhD in Technical Sciences

Phone (fax):  +7(4112) 49-65-90




Andrey N. Petrov, Head of the Department, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone (fax):  +7(4112) 11-23-65  Fax:  +7(4112) 36-75-09


Technogenic Safety

Egor N. Chemezov, Head of the Department, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor

Phone (fax): +7(4112) 36-59-65, 8-914-224-27-41


Scientific and Educational Center "Geotechnologies of the North" named after M.D. Novopashin

Viktoria V. Portnyagina, project engineer

Phone (fax): +7 (964) 420-88-40

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