Faculty of Law


NEFU Department of Law was established in 1982. Then, in 2000-2001 was transformed into the Faculty of Law.

The main task of the facultyis to prepare specialists on the basis not only of the world’s and Russian legal heritage, but also taking into account the specifics of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), as the subject of the federation, and its place in the geography of the world, features of its own statutory regulation.

Today NEFU Faculty of Law is one of the largest lawyers training centers in the Far East. The faculty trains lawyers for the State government bodies and local government, the authority ofMinistry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the Sakha Republic- Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation, Prosecutor's Office of the Sakha Republic, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sakha Republic, Federal Security Service of the Sakha Republic, and legal services of different organizational and legal companies.

Petr V.Gogolev, Dean, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone (fax): +7 (4112) 49-67-64

Email: ysu_jurfak@mail.ru ,  pv.gogolev@s-vfu.ru

Website:  http://jurfak.ya1.ru/


Constitutional and Municipal Law

Albina A. Stepanova, Head of the Department, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone (fax): +7 (4112) 49-67-74

Email:  aa.stepanova@s-vfu.ru

Civil Law and Procedure

Rum R. Ushnitsky, Head of the Department, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone (fax): +7 (4112)49-67-57

Email: rr.ushnitsky@s-vfu.rurum.ykt@mail.ru

Criminal Law and Procedure

Makar M. Yakovlev, Head of the Department, Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Professor

Phone (fax): +7 (4112) 49-67-69

Email: mm.yakovlev@s-vfu.ru

Theory and History of State and Law

Aleksandr E. Mayakunov, Head of the Department, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone (fax): +7 (4112)49-67-34

Email: ae.mayakunov@s-vfu.ru

Arctic Law and Law of APAC countries

Anatoly N. Sleptsov, Head of Department, Candidate of Juridical Sciences

Phone (fax): +7 (4112) 42-52-11

Email:  an.sleptsov@s-vfu.ru, uyandi@mail.ru

Business Law and Clinical Training

Aza A. Mutalieva, Head of Department

Phone (fax): +7 (4112) 49-67-57

Email: aa.mutalieva@s-vfu.ru