Department of Philosophy

Andrew S. Savvinov,

Head of the Department, Doctor of Philosophy, Prof.

Address: 677000, Yakutsk, 42 Kulakovskiy st., MAB, office. 329, 331, 333.

Phone (fax): (4112) 32-03-25


Department of Philosophy is one of the oldest divisions of the North-Eastern Federal University. It was formed in 1936 and since then its history is closely connected with the major milestones of development of higher education in Republic of Sakha(Yakutia) and in Russia as whole. During the 52 years the department was headed by the first rector of the Yakutsk State University Avksentiy Mordinov. Under his guidance and influence, many teachers have become candidates and doctors of philosophy.

The educational activities of the Department.

Department of Philosophy has an important place in the structure of educational activity of North-Eastern Federal University teaching the following academic disciplines: philosophy, logic, concepts of modern science, technology and methodology of scientific knowledge, conflict, philosophy of science, rhetoric.

For many decades worked Club "Thinker". Later it was renamed "Philosophical environment." Club organizes round tables, student conferences, assembly lectures by leading professors and lecturers of the department of philosophy.

Scientific activity of the Department.

The department has 7 doctors and 10 candidates of sciences and associate professors. It works on understanding the philosophical heritage of outstanding figures of the republic and develops theoretical issues of integration of culture of the country into the world community.

At the department operates postgraduate and doctoral studies in specialties 09.00.01 ontology and epistemology and 09.00.11 - social philosophy. There are Dissertation Council at D.212.306.01 NEFU for the award of the degree of Candidate and Doctor of Philosophy (chairman prof. Novikov AG, Scientific Secretary Associate Professor Vladimir Vinokurov).

Educational-methodical work of the department

The activities of educational-methodical commission chair includes the organization of teaching methods of teachers in the following areas:

- Preparation of training programs and job teaching methods courses for teaching disciplines.

- Participation of deparment in university-wide conferences, seminars, courses, etc.

- Conducting seminars teaching faculty.

- The organization of open sessions.