For authors

1. For publication in "Mathematical notes of NEFU" original papers containing new results in the field of mathematics, mechanics and informatics are accepted. The Editorial Board do not consider articles previously published and accepted for publication in other journals. The Editorial Board has the right to reject a paper for consideration if it does not fit the field of the journal.

2. By submitting an article to the journal, the author (co-authors) without charge transfer(s) to the publisher for the duration of copyright under the current legislation of the Russian Federation the exclusive right to use separate article or parts (in the case of the acceptance of the article for publication) in the territory of all states where copyright under international treaties of the Russian Federation are protected, including the following rights: to reproduce, to distribute, on public display, for publication, translation into foreign languages ​​(and the exclusive right to use the translated works by the above methods ), for the granting of all of these rights to others. At the same time, the author (co-authors) send to the editor signed licensing agreement for the right to use the work in a scientific journal. The agreement form will be sent to the authors by e-mail with the message of acceptance of the article for publication.

3. For consideration of articles for its publication in the journal, the article of no more than 1.5 copyright sheets (18 pages of journal text) is sent to the Editorial Board, written in Russian or in English, including a cover letter, stating that the article is sent namely to the journal "Mathematical notes of NEFU" and information about the author (group of authors), indicating the surname, name and patronymic name, full postal address for correspondence, the place of work, a detailed business address, email address and phone number. Articles of more than 1.5 copyright sheets are generally not considered and may be taken into consideration and are published only by a special decision of the Editorial Board.

4. The article should be typed with the use of text editor LaTeX. The article can be sent as a pdf and tex files.

5. MSC and/or UDC should be at the beginning of the article. The article is accompanied by an abstract (100-200 words), preferably without formulas, and with a list of keywords.

6. The list of references should be at the end. The references in the text are numbered in order of their appearance and in square brackets. References to unpublished works are undesirable. The list of literature must comply with standards (see examples of bibliographic descriptions in the latest issues).

7. The Editorial Board reviews all incoming materials corresponding to its category for peer review. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have the publications on the subject of peer-reviewed articles for the last 3 years. Reviews are stored in the publishing and editorial office for 5 years.

8. The article accepted for consideration is sent for anonymous peer review. The Editorial Board decides to publish an article on the basis of the review and reports to the authors. The author has the right to submit their comments and objections to the review. The resolution of the Editorial Board of the article is final.

9. The Editorial Board sends to the authors of articles the copies of reviews or reasonable refusal, and also undertakes to forward the copies of reviews on demand of the Ministry of Science and High Education of the Russian Federation.

10. After the editorial preparation, the author receives proofreading just before the publication. If possible, it is necessary to read it, make corrections as soon as possible (correction against the author's final manuscript is undesirable) and to send to the editor. The article is published only after the receipt fr om author (group of authors) the author's proof, signed by the author (all co-authors) for printing.

11. In accordance with international copyright laws, the Editorial Board informs the authors of the journal of their responsibility to receive in case of need written permission to use copyrighted materials such as quotes, data playback, illustrations and any other materials that may be used in their publications, and that the consequent responsibility for the violation of such copyright rests with the authors. There is no payment for a publication for the authors or institutions wh ere the authors work, and published articles are not paid.

12. The authors’ rights to the use of materials and translations of articles from the journal "Mathematical notes of NEFU" in other publications are determined by general international and Russian copyright laws.