School of Mining Engineering


The School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering trains students in 3 majors for Specialist Degrees and 1 major for Bachelor’s degree:

·        Underground Mining of Mineral Deposits (Specialist degree)

·        Electrical engineering and automation in mining (Specialist degree)

·        Mining machines and equipment (Specialist degree)

·        Petroleum engineering (Bachelor’s degree)

The mining engineering programme offers specialisations in exploration, mining or mineral processing and dressing. The School provides high-quality education via modern laboratory facilities and field practices in working mines under conditions of permafrost. The curriculum prepares graduates to operate the latest equipment and to follow the research approach to work.


Our final year individual student projects are designed to be relevant to the needs of local diamond mining industry; many are carried out in conjunction with companies, which benefit from student’s innovative thinking while providing them with experience of real-life challenges.


Mining engineers will be fundamental to the evolution of diamond mining industry in Russia and beyond.

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We welcome applications from aspiring and motivated students who wish to benefit from studying in the very core of one of the most prominent diamond mining regions of the globe.