School of Humanities and Natural Sciences


The School of Humanities and Natural Sciences trains students in 5 majors for Bachelor’s degree:

·        Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, specialization "Mathematical modeling and computational mathematics" (the period of study: 4 years (intramural))

·        Information Systems Software and Administration, specialization "System and internet programming" (the period of study: 4 years (intramural))

·        Economics, specialization "Finance and credit" (the period of study: 5 years (extramural))

·        Pedagogical Education (with 2 specializations), specialization "Foreign language (English) and computer science" (the period of study: 5 years (extramural))

·        Philology (the English language and literature) (the period of study: 4 years (intramural))

Courses required in all programs of the School of Humanities and Natural Sciences ensure that graduate students become competitive specialists in the appropriate fields of their majors. 

The main aim of the English language Department is to bring into effect a system of linguistic education and to provide students with special knowledge and skills in teaching foreign languages. The multimedia equipment of Open Learning Center and Language Laboratories enables students to improve speaking and listening comprehensive skills in foreign languages.

School of Humanities and Natural Sciences

We educate future language teachers for the Republic of Sakha and beyond. Along with the developing of language skills, our department also provides opportunities to foster international consciousness, allowing our students to more easily embrace globalism and recognize their role as citizens of the world.


Students are encouraged to express themselves clearly and articulately, as communication skills are increasingly important in graduate recruitment – hence the stress we place on presentations and group working.

The Mathematics Department is a thriving school with a strong tradition of research and teaching in mathematics and computer science. The curriculum offers a broad range of courses that enable the graduates to work as researchers, IT-managers, teachers of mathematics and computer science.

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Our graduates have taken up various posts with an impressive list of companies and we hope that you will join them in pursuing a successful career following completion of your programme.

We look forward to welcoming you to the School of Humanities and Natural Sciences!