About the Institute

Introducing Mirny Polytechnic Institute

Mirny Polytechnic Institute is a branch of The Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) and has been educating the professionals of diamond industry since 1994. Its foundation and the dynamic development took place due to the decision of Mikhail E. Nikolaev, the 1st President of the Republic of Sakha who proclaimed educational policy to be the priority in the development of the Republic for the decade.

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Today Mirny Polytechnic Institute is a prominent educational, scientific and cultural centre of Western Yakutia, always at the forefront of innovative education and leading edge research.

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Our programmes

Specializing in the fields of mining engineering and education, Mirny Polytechnic Institute portfolio of programmes has been specifically tailored to match the demands of the diamond province employment market, giving our students the best possible career advancement opportunities.

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The institute trains mining engineering students for the Specialist Degree in the following majors:

·        Underground Mining of Mineral Deposits

·        Electrical Engineering and Automation in Mining

·        Mining Machines and Equipment

·        Mineral Processing

(the period of study: 5 years 6 months (intramural form of study), 6 years 6 months (extramural form of study))

And for the Bachelor’s degree:

·        Petroleum Engineering, specialization "Operation and maintenance of gas, gas condensate and underground storage mining facilities"; "Operation and maintenance of oil production facilities" (the period of study: 4 years (intramural), 5 years (extramural))

·        Information Systems Software and Administration, specialization "System and internet programming" (the period of study: 4 years (intramural))

·        Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, specialization "Mathematical modeling and computational mathematics" (the period of study: 4 years (intramural))

·        Philology (the English language and literature) (the period of study: 4 years (intramural))

·        Economics, specialization "Finance and credit" (the period of study: 5 years (extramural))

·        Pedagogical Education (with 2 specializations), specialization "Foreign language (English) and computer science" (the period of study: 5 years (extramural))

·         Electric Power and Electrical Engineering, specialization "Electric power" (the period of study: 4 years (intramural), 5 years (extramural))

Our campus

The institute’s fully equipped campus provides a challenging but supportive learning environment for its students. Our facilities include student accommodation in two comfortable dormitories with internet access, reading rooms, gym and cafeteria; high quality engineering laboratories, multi-purpose auditoriums with videoconferencing facilities, language studies centre with facilities providing the virtual learning environment, two specifically equipped language laboratories and a modern gym with a range of athletic facilities. 

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educational building


The Mirny Polytechnic Institute Library has a wide selection of books and journals to support students throughout their studies. More titles are added to this collection during the academic year in response to requests from academic staff and students, to ensure that the reference material remains up to date.


In addition to our collection of books and journals, students are also able to access and download a range of electronic books and journals and to search databases for articles, conference papers and theses. We also provide access to the e-library accessible from both home and the campus, optimizing the use of study time.

At the start of the programme, new students receive an introduction to the Mirny Polytechnic Institute Library.

With teaching provided by top-ranked academic professionals and care provided by dedicated support staff, Mirny Polytechnic Institute should be every student’s first choice for a high quality education. Knowledge is a diamond in safe hands!