Research Work

N.G. Solomonov, research professor, Department of Fundamental and Applied Zoology, Institute of Natural Sciences, North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov, 2013

1. General areas: ecology, sustainability of northern ecosystems

2 . Head of a scientific school in ecology

3 . In 2013 developed the following works according to the university projects:

3.1. The main project research of the laboratory of ecology and sustainability of northern ecosystems is “Biodiversity, Structure and Functioning of Northern Ecosystems in the Basins of the Lena, Yana and Indigirka Rivers”.  In 2013 in the Lena basin, from the mouth of the river Sinjaya till the Lena delta, data on the regional plants, insects, birds and mammals biodiversity was collected on the territories of Khangalassky, Namsky, Kobjajsky, Zhigansky and Bulunsky uluses.

● In the field work was attended by all laboratory staff ecology and sustainability of northern ecosystems , including graduate students Shemyakin EV, NV Mamaev , applicants Nikolaev EA Kirillin RA, Solomon , KS , Bochkarev students . VV Gabyshev VY

● Under my leadership, completed the first phase of the theme VTK laboratory and the sustainability of ecosystems of the North "Ecosystems Prilenskoye region " commissioned NEFU them . MK Ammosova "Transforming ecosystems Cryolithozone under secular climate change and intensification of exploitation of natural resources for example Prilenskoye region ( Middle and Lower Pool Lena ) ." The first phase includes the Lower Lena Basin ecosystem . Analytical review of published data on the Lower Basin ecosystems with the expedition Lena AL Czekanowski AA Bunge , A. Cajanderi , Hall (1870-1900 -ies ) , units of Yakutsk expedition of the USSR ( 1925-30 gg.) And their present state . In 2010-2013 the company . Trip taken botanists , zoologists , soil and the lower reaches of River delta . Lena , which contains additional new material. As part of VTK except laboratory personnel manager. Department of Botany Dr. YEN NEFU Isaev Al.P. , researchers IBPK SB RAS PhD Vladimirtseva MV , PhD Troeva EI In total, the VTC : 1 - Corresponding Member . Russian Academy of Sciences , Ph.D. , professor , 3 - Dr. 5 - PhD 2 - graduate student , 3 - applicant. Under a contract with NEFU them . MK Ammosova funding is 250 thousand rubles .

3.3. In 2013, the laboratory of ecology and sustainability of northern ecosystems performed under my supervision contractual theme "Integrated Assessment of natural and archaeological value Sinskaya plot Natural Park " Lena Pillars " Part 1 in the amount of 539 thousand rubles. Prepared and submitted a report in 2013

3.4. Under a contract with the Northern Forum Academy Non-Profit Organization "Trust fund future generations of Sakha (Yakutia ) " us ( NG Solomon NI Germogenov IM Okhlopkov ) The project " Development of a comprehensive program for the development of the system of protected areas in the Republic of Sakha ( Yakutia) " in the amount of 300 thousand rubles.

3.5. In 2013, under my leadership ends topic RFBR № 11 -04- 00940 -a, " Ecological and physiological parameters muskox Ovibos moschatus, the introduced in Yakutia ."

4 . Publication of scientific monographs. In 2013, not published monograph no .

5 . Publications in Russian journals

5.1. Germogenov NI, Solomon NG, Pshennikov AE Ecology and other nesting and migration of the eastern population of the Siberian Crane Grus lucogeranus Pallas, 1773 / / Siberian Journal of Ecology , 1, 2013 - p. 87-99 .

6. Publications in international journals:


Biodiversity and Biological Resources of Flora and Fauna: supervisor – I.I. Mordosov, Dr. of Biology, prof.

Main scientific results

The methods of reforestation in the climatic conditions of Central Yakutia have been developed.

The techniques to restore some rare and endangered plants in Cryolithozone urban areas have been defined.

The materials on the introduction of steppe plant species have been summarized and sustainable cultivation species have been identified. Introduced vulnerable steppe species populations have been set.

Populations of Cypripedium species in areas affected by human activities are monitored and comparatively analyzed.

The dynamics of the ungulate animals population in Yakutia and its fluctuations in numbers have been examined. The recommendations on optimization of wild ungulates of Yakutia have been designed.

The work to study the biodiversity of flora and fauna is carried out. Practical recommendations for the protection and restoration of plant and animal species in Yakutia have been made.

Biochemical and Physiological Adaptation Mechanisms of Plants, Animals and Humans in the North: supervisor – B.M. Kershengolts,  Dr. of Biology, prof.

 Main scientific results

 Mechanical-chemical activation of raw lichen with micro solid inorganic alkaline reagent to increase its effectiveness as an independent drug and in combination with Pharmakons - known bio- and pharmaceuticals has been developed.

Through heavy metal cations and organic substances - endotoxin analogues of low and medium molecular weight, the sorption daily capacity of mechano-activated sample as a model of the organism inner detoxication process against endo-and exotoxins with the help of lichen β - oligosaccharides has been examined.

Multicomponent biological products from Arctic plant raw material for correction of toxic states in 2 type  diabetes are developed and produced.

Applications from biological products derived by the mechanochemical processing of northern plants are developed for dentistry.

Biotechnology for producing solid medicines (those having antibiotic effect and biosorbents) from northern herbaceous extracts is developed for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Mechanochemical biotechnology of highly effective solid-phase powders of northern plant raw materials is developed for the food industry.

Research Developments of Polymer Composite Materials: supervisor – A. A. Okhlopkova, Dr. of Technical Sciences, prof.

Main scientific results

1. Physical and chemical principles of making polymer composite materials have been developed.

2. Technology of making highly frost- and wear-resistant polymer nanocomposites in comparison with commercially produced ones, with deformation-stable properties based on interphase layers and adhesive interaction between the components has been created.

3. Natural laws of forming polymer nanocomposites, allowing controlling their properties in the processing have been established.

4. New materials on the base of polytetrafluoroethylene, super high molecular polyethylene and nanopowders of oxides, nitrides, carbides and spinels of different metals characterized by high wear-resistance and low friction coefficient, and ones with carbon fibres for heavy duty friction units (bearings, rolling separators) have been developed.

5. New sealant materials on the base of propylene oxide and butadiene nitrile rubber modified by inorganic nanocompounds or mineral fillers and thermoplastic polymers have been developed. They are highly wear-, frost-, oil- and petrol-resistant.

6. Polymer composite materials with liquid-phase filler and high wear-resistanse have been made.

Chemical and Technological Bases of Hydrocarbon Raw in Yakutia: supervisor – S.S. Zakharova, Candidate of Geological Sciences, ass. prof.

Main scientific results

By analysing physical, chemical and commodity properties and hydrocarbon composition of Nepsk-Botuobinsk oils a data bank of regional oils was created.

Studying commodity properties of oils allowed selecting oil, Talakansky field oil, to separate the base oil from it.

 On the analysis of the literature a technological scheme of producing the base oil was defined.

The technological scheme was adapted to selected raw. 

Scientific and Methodological Principles of Natural Sciences Education in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): supervisor – K. E. Egorova, Dr of Pedagogical Sciences, prof.

Projects and Grants:

• 2000-2003 - grant of the Department of Science and Education of the RS (Yakutia) on the theme “Education of the 21st Century as the Basis for Sustainable Development of the RS (Yakutia)” on the program “Scientific Basis of Humanitarian and Spiritual Development of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)”

• 2002-2005 - grant of the RS (Yakutia), “Integration of Science and Higher Education”

• 2000 - grant of the Academy of Sciences of the RS (Yakutia) for the publication of the textbook “Chemistry of minerals” (Nakhova NA)

• 2009 - grant of the Family and Children Committee under the President of the RS (Yakutia) ( A.V. Yakovleva, R.P. Sofronov, C.G. Basharin)

• 2011 – “Creating local history textbooks and atlases for the course “Native Land” (5th form) as the basis for the implementation of variable part of the basic curriculum of general education institutions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 2011-2013” (O.M. Krivoshapkina, P.N. Nikolaev)

• 2011 - project “Educational Map” within the development program of NEFU (O.M. Krivoshapkina, P.N.  Nikolaev, A.N. Struchkova )

Students Clubs and Societies:

• “Problems of Chemical Education” (led by K.E. Egorova, M.P. Andreeva, N.A. Nakhova, P.A. Lazareva)

• “Problems of Biological Education” (led by A.V. Yakovleva, A.G. Zakharova, R.P. Sofronov, T.G. Sobakina)

• “Problems of Geographical Education” (led by O.M. Krivoshapkina, P.N. Nikolaev)

• “Problems of Ecological Education” (led by A.G. Zakharova)

Grants of the President of the RS (Yakutia )

• 2011 – V.V. Nokhsorov, Biology and Chemistry Department -06 (supervisors – K.A. Petrov, K. E. Egorova KE)

• 2013 – S.A. Fedorova, Biology and Chemistry Department-08 (supervisor – M.P. Andreeva)

• 2014 – N.N. Ivanova, Biology and Chemistry Department-09 (supervisors – V.V. Nokhsorov, K.A.  Petrov)

• Since 2001 Doctoral Fellowship in specialty 13.00.02 “Theory and Teaching of Education and Upbringing” has been working (Biology, Chemistry and Geography)

• Supervisors: prof. K.E. Egorova, prof. O.M. Krivoshapkina, ass. prof. M.P. Andreeva, ass. prof.  A.V. Yakovleva

• 2011 - 6 graduate students ( 1 – full time, 5 – part time)

• 2012 - 5 graduate students (5 – part time)

• 2013 - 2 graduate students (2 –part time)

• For 20 years 2 doctoral dissertations and 20 candidate theses have been defended

• 2011 – A.N Struchkova defended a candidate thesis (the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Gerzen)

• 2012 - I.I. Pavlova defended a candidate thesis (Moscow, supervisor – A.V. Yakovleva)

 International Activities:

• 1. Cooperation agreement with the University of Masaryk, Brno, Czech Republic, 2010

• 2. Cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Karl, Prague, Czech Republic, 2013

• Organization of training at the University of Masaryk, Brno, Czech Republic, June- July 2010

Research, Education and Innovation Projects of International Funds and Programs (Total: 2)

2010 – R.A. Markov, Biology and Chemistry Department-06. The International Circumpolar Student Mobility Programme of the University of the Arctic “North-North”, Rovaniemi, Finland.

2012 – N.E. Stepanova, Biology and Chemistry Department-09- 2. DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service), Munich

2012 – N.A. Nakhova. The Internship at the University of Karlovy Vary

Integrated Geographical Research of Northern Territories: supervisor – G.A. Gnatiuk, Candidate of Geographical Sciences, ass. prof.

Main scientific results

1. Recommendations for protection and rational use of lakes have been developed;

2. An electronic complex limnological database for the cadastral handbook “Lakes of Yakutia” has been collected;

3. Educational maps of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) based on a comprehensive assessment of the regional education system  have been worked out;

4. A multipurpose cartographic model of the North- East of Russia has been compiled;

5. The medical and geographical atlas "Protection of Public Health in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has been designed and published;

6. Methods of field physical and geographical research for Central Yakutia conditions have been adapted and preliminary maps of low differentiation level landscapes have been made;

7. The dynamics of soil freezing and thawing has been investigated; the checkpoints have been laid out and are being monitored.

Investigation of the Stability and Productivity of Cryolithozone Ecosystems in Modern Conditions: supervisor - L.A.  Pestryakova, Dr. of Geographical Sciences, prof.

Research Work

1. Joint German-Russian DFG - RFBR research project “Polygons in Tundra Wetlands: State and Dynamics under Climate Variability in Polar Regions” (POLYGON) PAK402, 2011-2013

2. RFBR project 11-04-91332- DFG. “Landfills in Tundra Wetlands: Dynamics and Response to Climate Variability in Polar Regions”, 2011-2013 (MSU, № 667)

3. RFBR project 12 -05- 98546 - r_vostok_a “Palaeogeography of Late Pleistocene and Holocene Lake Bolshoye Tokko (the Stanovoi range) in Paleobotanical and Geochemical Data”, 2012-2013

4. Participation in the planned German-Russian BMBF-Network “Carbon in Permafrost”. 2013-2015 .

5. RFBR project 13-05-00327 “Paleoecology and Paleogeography of the Novosybyrsky Islands’ Lakes”, 2013-2015