New trends of the federal university development


E.I. Mikhailova’s speech, rector of the North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov at the August meeting of educators.

Education - this is the only area that excites and unites many people, unites all of us, affects all ages and, I would say, all the continents. In modern cultural and economic space, education, acquisition of skills, professional development, social well-being are more important than ever. The quality and efficiency of education systems play a key role in supporting social integration, development of responsible citizenship and openness to other cultures.

We realize that for those who have new knowledge, practical skills, the world is full of opportunities. And those who are left behind, dropouts - run the risk of unemployment, poverty and even despair, because the jobs that do not require education, so popular in the twentieth century, is disappear and the old economic system collapses. You and I, dear colleagues, we can not allow our young people will something like that.

NEFU named after M.K. Ammosov is committed the responsibility for development of human funds of country’s northeastern region, which is based on intellectual potential and person’s health, which is formed in family and also means of education, culture, science and health. Development program of NEFU takes aim at ensure of main program for “Platform raising” to improve the quality of education. On this plan, first of all, we decided to invest in the most important – school teachers and teachers of pre-school institutions. It is created the Association “North-Eastern University Education Area”, which units the 56 best schools of the Magadan region, Kamchatka, Chukotka and Sakha Republic. They are the center of educational initiatives for other schools in the district and city.

It is created Institute of Teachers Qualifications Improvement, where in two years Teachers Qualifications Improvement and teacher’s refresher course were about 3 thousand teachers of Yakutia, Magadan, Kamchatka, Khabarovsk and Amur Territories, Chukotka.

According to the results of the contest “The school of NEFU 2011” winners recognized school graduates which had a high marks on the State Exam and the results of intellectual competitions held by University and then became NEFU students. Among them: Churapcha gymnasium, Nam gymnasium, Verkhneviluisk gymnasium named after M.A. Alexeeva, Amga gymnasium, City Classical gymnasium and others.

The Far Eastern Federal District 12 educational institutions showed projects to the development and support gifted children and adolescent. In the end, Yakut National City Gymnasium has become “The best NEFU school 2011”. Other eleven schools have become resource centers of NEFU for inculcation model for the interaction of general and higher professional education institutions in the development of gifted children and adolescent in the following directions: mathematics, physics, the Arts. All finalists were awarded by modern school equipment, including workshops on robotics, multimedia equipment for school teachers. 

The contest “Teacher of NEFU 2011” announced 5 winners: JA Afonyushkina, teacher of math in Yakut City Lyceum, TV Slepsova, teacher of Russian language and literature in Ebyahsky secondary school of Srednekolymsk, NK Fedotova, teacher of math in Verkhnevilyuisk Republic Gymnasium named after MA Alexeeva, MI Hoyutanova teacher of physics in Churapcha gymnasium, NN Yakovleva, teacher of history, social science and law in Amga Gymnasium.

Only twice in 2011 and 2012, we held Northeast Olympiad of 17 school subjects and in both had large number of participants (in 2011- 9310, in 2012-9070) geographic expansion- from 3 regions in 2011 to 9- in 2012, growing number of participants in the second leg- from 1266 (in 2011) to 1560 (2012), growing number of winners- 89 in 2011 and 102 students in 2012, from who 49% entered in NEFU. Also we take note of growing part graduate of the Association school, among them in NEFU: 36,6% in 2011 and 56,4% in 2012.

We sincerely thank schools and teachers of the republic for their support the ambition of the University to give to youth exemplary education, corresponding international standards.

The level of applicants training preparation has grown significantly, who wants to enter in NEFU. Academic Council of the University decided purposefully and steadily increase the minimum score levels every year, much exceed the lower limit of the State Exam, which set Rosobrnadzor. The average score for one subject exam applicants entered in the first-year last year reached 59.6, this year's average score on the head to high school was 59.3 points. Thereby the university maintains a high requirements to quality for the preparation of future students.

It should be particularly noted that significantly increased the number of entrants with high marks. 13% of entrants who entered in university had exam results over 200 scores: we sincerely thank the schools whose graduates have shown that the level of their preparation and personal achievements permit them to receive a higher education in Federal Universities:

- Republic Lyceum – 37 (28% from graduates)

- Sakha Gymnasium – 10 (25% from number of graduates)

- Khorinskaya secondary school named after G.N.Chiryaev in Verkhnevilyuisk – (18% from number of graduates).

- Berdigestyahkh Gymnasium in Gorniy - 8 (25% from graduates)

- Batagay secondary school in Verhoyansk, Nam Gymnasium, Physics and Technical Lyceum, Yakut City Lyceum, Secondary School number 2in Yakutsk – 7 graduates, who showed high marks and entered in NEFU.

It is always been, that applicants, who entered with tuition-fee, show results in the State Exam. But this year, the average of the State Exam from 955 freshmen admitted with payment of tuition-fees, reached 49,5 scores. Although, the cost has increased by 20%, but two thirds of commercial students’ tuition paid by the state, in fact, at the highest level leadership is interested in competent young professional and we are support a public policy.

Another feature of the current admission campaign is to change priorities of choosing direction and special education. If last years entrance with high scores entered in economical and law-faculty in general, this year, we see students with high scores, who admitted in the Institute of Foreign Philology and Region Studies, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics and Technical Institute, students received training in “Medical Physics”, “Architecture”, “Math +”, “Foreign Region Studies”, “Linguistics”, etc.

I would like to remind you that the rules of admission to the university are placed on the website of NEFU before February 1 each year, children have opportunity to choose subjects in February and March, which they will take on exam. Graduates must be oriented to pass two compulsory subjects and for at least another two, for example, physics and social studies.

It should be noted that our districts can not rationally use the target places, which our university allows it every year. This year we can provide 350 target places for school graduates, we wrote the letters to the heads of districts, that before April 30 have made the applications. After the 30d of April it is late to handle, but our heads were late with applications, they began to apply in July even to the 10th-12th August. And then, even with support of an active lobbyist rural schools, public deputy Alexander Nikolaevich Zhirkov can not solve the issue singling out the target places. All in all target places were used only by 147 people, from them more then 58% entered with scores higher then 150 (for 3 subjects). That is why I ask for leaders of educational institutions, superiors of educational management to head process singling out target places on contract basis with NEFU.

Today the university is able to appoint own grants, which are award perspective students, who study in topical specialized for our republic. Main object is to keep youth to live, to study and to work in republic. This year, in order supporting talented young people and the development potential of the republic, and also to enhance the prestige of the teaching profession there were set 78 monthly grants in amount 10 thousand rubles, for students who entered in first year of full-time study in the budget on directions: "Experimental Mathematics", "Medical Physics", "Land transport and technological systems", "Biology", "Pharmacy", "Radiophysics", "Radio", "Applied Geology", "The technology of exploration", "Mining", "Construction of the profile: urban building", "Teacher Education (Physics and Computer Science)", "Teacher education (biology and chemistry)." Moreover, 25 students received the opportunity to study at NEFU expense.

There stand ambitious task before the university to join in the world-class universities and successfully compete in national and international educational space, to provide the demand for graduates in labor market. One of the major factors in achieving this problem is introduction in teaching on foreign languages. Today almost 10% teachers have educational program, prepared on foreign language. Since the 1th of October they will have opportunity to teach students in International Science School of NEFU. Besides, there were introduced intensive courses of studying foreign languages for students and teachers. It should be noted that there are too many people who wants to study languages, but school preparation is differ. That is why, I want to ask for school leaders: status attention to the level of teaching foreign languages should be not lower than in mathematics and Russian language.

Task of forming a world-class university requires attracting in NEFU talented students and teachers from other regions and foreign countries. Today the university has students from 27 regions of Russia and 19 foreign countries. This year students entered from countries such as Vietnam, Turkey, Nigeria, Guyana, Gambia, China, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and 24 regions of Russia. On the 1th of September practical study begins for students from Finland, South Korea, Austria, Norway, France, Turkey, Canada. The influx of talented foreign students improves academic level of students and enrich their experience for intercultural communication.

And as result, it increases interaction with leading home and foreign universities, increase number of inculcating international educational programs. The main result of co-operation become program realization double graduation with China, France, Finland universities.

The university aspires to develop and strengthen partnership with industrial concerns, establishment and organization, bent on economic increase of republic and region. There hold joint work in educational sphere and research activities with 42 foreign partners. In 2011, 13 agreements were signed with foreign organizations and educational institutions.

It is creates a small innovative company. Currently, at the Arctic Innovation Center was opened 19 MIC, where teachers, scientific and students work, with the supporting AS Nikolaev, the head of Yakutsk. It is going to preparation for the creation of a 9. This year organizations, which created in 2010, should produce the first product. Thank for creating small innovating organizations the university plan to create more than 3 thousand new work places in next 5 years. Absent of land areas and spaces are negative factor for full realization NEFU projects. In this plan, I want to say, that Ministry of Property Relations of Sakha Yakutia decided problems of land allotment NEFU, least instead of taken before from YaSU reserved even the active assistance of President VA Shtyrov more specifically and strongly, but not limited by polite conversations.

Only in 2011-2012 study period began their work 38 new modern laboratories, established in priority areas of country northeastern development, including nano-, bio-, geo-, building technologies, energy, ethnic and education, design, equipped unique rig for research of teachers and researches. It is creates the scientific and educational centers collective use. Scientists from different countries, Moscow and Khabarovsk, appreciating broad potential types of high technology new rig agree to work in NEFU.

Measures taken together with the Government of the republic, Ministry of Professional education and employed allow to demand of graduates in regional labor market. Qualitative level of graduates professional preparation in NEFU confirm their successful provision of employment. Total number of full-time graduates 2011 year amount to 2337 person. On stat of 1 January, 2012 in fact, more than 90% graduates are employed, of which 75,1% in the specialty. Tutors Council of NEFU (IS Sivtsev, RM Scriabin) are making contact with tutors in organizations and institutions to give young personnel help to conform demands of organizations.

Dear colleagues, no one else, we all understand, that for success of declared course on modernization in the country and in our northeastern region, first of all, we should grow up well-behaved citizens of our country, and start from very beginning – in the family, sometimes family needs help. In NEFU is developed a program “From the very beginning…”, aimed at establishing a comprehensive system of supporting family for the creation of conditions for birth of healthy and talented children, favorable conditions for exertion and development of every child, help with bringing up, teaching and opening intellectual and imaginative potential, supporting of giftedness. In report of minister of education AS Vladimirov, we heard articulate principle position about this problem. It is good, that NEFU program are supported by ministry, that means, allies become over.

On 1 June of this year on “International Children’s Day” was started the program. The fist steps have taken to implement it: it is completing building of University Clinic (PG Petrov, VG Ammosov) which will eventually be able survey child, future parents to gene level. Department of Pediatrics (NV Savvina) Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education of doctors has started realization of “Mamalysh” escort pregnant mothers. It is forming a system of preschool institutions and children’s hospitals in which will realized program medical-, psychic-, pedagogical escorting of children, where competent scientist-teachers, pediatrician, obstetricians, psychologists, doctors, experts will give advice and opinions on many issues on which till this moment has not been scientifically explained answer using the latest advances of pedagogy, medicine and Genetics.

By analogy with the Association, the University creates a regional network of specialized educational preschools institutions “Umka” in which new teaching and game methods with children will test. In this kindergarten, teachers of University will conduct medical, psychological, social, educational and other research of children’s development problems. We wait impatiently for 2013 year, when in the University Campus will begin kindergarten building appropriate with plan of E.A.Borisov, The President of Sakha Yakutia.

Dear colleagues, back in 1997, as Minister of Education, I read about methods of five years old children’s teaching on early reading in “Popular Education” magazine, which author is here today. It was difficult time, not enough money, a lot has changed and not always for the children’s education benefit. As we are lucky, because in those troubled time, our leader, the head of the Sakha Republic was a good and wise man, the first President of our Republic Mikhail Yefimovich Nikolaev, who was able to save, to maintain and stand up for all us! By the real actions, specific measures, he backed believe for many people, has introduced a new way of life, outlined new vector of republic development and he became a founder of many useful things. Today, dear Mikhail Yefimovich is next to us, looking for new stimulus of increase and provision the country competitiveness. And such support, of course, inspires optimism and inspiration, as last. As in many kindergarten of regions were closed, we, in the contrary, inculcated inevitable 5 year old children going to preschool, to provide “common start to the school”, to ensure children development, mass recovery. We thought all teachers of preschools for new method and a year 93% of all five year went to kindergartens and after 2 years in schools it started coming literate children, able to read and write. The author of this method, dear Alexei Mikhailovich Kushnir is here today and we than him for his unique method, for his contribution on the Republic development and possibility of cooperation in the future.

Dear colleagues! Today, through our joint efforts, the University acquires the status of attractive and at the same time selective state educational establishment. Only cooperative and systemic work of secondary schools and university provide cultivation of competitive specialists, the generation of new knowledge and technology and technological breakthrough in the economic and social cultural development or the North-East of Russia. How to grow up thoughtful, conscientious, hard-working, friendly people, who take cultural values of people and are able to defend the political interests of the country? Who else, if not we can do this, dear colleagues?

I congratulate you on beginning of new study year, I wish you happiness and strong health, good mood and professional gratification from your job and your students achievement!