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Professor of the University of Toulouse Erik Kryubezi: "Partnership of our universities has become a model of cooperation between France and Russia"


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Professor of the University of Toulouse Erik Kryubezi: "Partnership of our universities has become a model of cooperation between France and Russia"

photo: Michil YAKOVLEV / NEFU editorial board of corporate media

On September 4, the International Scientific and Practical Conference "The Peoples of the Russian Far East: Problems of the Complex Reconstruction of the Historical Past" began at North-Eastern Federal University, in which experts on anthropology, archeology, biology, genetics and history gathered. The conference is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

"Our friendship with the Yakut University has started thanks to NEFU Professor Anatoly Alekseyev", said Erik Kryubezi, professor at Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse (France) at the opening of the conference. -There were about 100 thousand archaeologists 15 years ago worldwide and only a few of them were interested in biology and genetics. I know only one – and this is Professor Alekseyev, who supported our program".

About 300 people took part in the Franco-Yakut research and excavations during the years of cooperation. "The project led to two important things: first, Yakutia became known at the world scientific level, and secondly, the joint work of the two universities became a model and an example for cooperation between France and Russia. Our countries are linked by a long history and even when there is disagreement, cooperation continues due to science", the professor noted.

NEFU Vice Rector for Scientific Research Konstantin Krivoshapkin noted that the conference is the result of many years of joint scientific research. "For the first time, research in the field of studying the ancient world of the Yakuts began 15 years ago. Today we will sum up the results of many years of scientific work, develop recommendations and determine the prospects for interdisciplinary research in the future", said the vice rector.

Within the frameworks of the opening of the scientific and practical conference, Anatoly Alekseyev, Professor of NEFU Faculty of History, was awarded the Order "Glory and Majesty of NEFU", 1st class and a letter of gratitude from NEFU Rector for long-term and fruitful cooperation to Erik Kryubezi, Professor of Sabatier University.

Author: Olga SAVVINOVA

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